16th June 2017 Newsletter

Hello All,

What a fantastic week. Not only has the weather been beautiful but we have had lots to celebrate!!

We had an a wonderful themed week: this time we were looking at maths and number. We had lots of maths activities some being “ Messy Maths” when classes went out to the forest school and did some maths activities outdoors, we have had various competitions with winners announced in this mornings “maths” assembly. We have had an educational company in presenting the children with “Problem Solving” maths using concrete materials and puzzles to really get those mathematical brains buzzing and we had visitors come into school to talk about how they use maths in their jobs. As is always the case for our themed weeks; the children really got enthused and of course the staff threw themselves into it with gusto as normal, none less so than Miss King our maths lead who organised the whole week. So a big thanks to her and to all the staff for their hard work. We had a maths assembly this morning, so golden ties will resume next week.

Year 6 took part in the commemoration events for the anniversary of the Battle of Medway at the dockyard on Wednesday, they had a great time learning about our local history and its significance to the Medway area.

I had the pleasure of attending a conference about “The Power of Reading” which is a resource that we have introduced to the school as part of our literacy teaching. Miss King and Mrs Dix  gave an amazing presentation of how it has worked in our school with photos of our displays, book corners and children’s work. I was really impressed and proud of them delivering such a slick presentation celebrating St Michael’s in front of an audience of other school teachers and heads in Medway! Well done everyone.

I also had the pleasure of assisting at the Medway Mini Youth Games football event. It was very warm and busy but our team came 7th out of 53 schools only losing one match out of the eight they played. They were great!  What a productive week and we still have 5 weeks to go!

Have a lovely weekend, be safe in the sunshine.

Mrs Katharine Sexton

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