8th September 2017 Newsletter

Dear All,

Happy New Year! Welcome to our new children in Early Years and in nursery. We also have some children who have joined us in other classes as well so welcome to you all. The uniform code has been really well adhered to although I understand that there may have been a few issues purchasing it and for that we apologise. Next year we are considering moving to on line ordering from one of the national retailers which should make things easier.

You could not have failed to notice our new re-vamped playground with the trim trails, fenced off area for ball games, playground markings, new tyre area and “outdoor classroom”. This is giving the children a much better lunch time experience. Please do be aware though that if children play on the equipment at drop off and pick up times they will need to be supervised by an adult– we are not responsible for any accidents outside of school hours.

In our attempt to do daily exercise we have opted for skipping. The children have been so enthused by the skip2bfit challenge they had last year that we thought we would skip rather than just walk or run round the playground. The children have got a rope each and are counting up their skips trying to beat their personal best (PB). The teachers are doing it as well so we will all be super fit by Christmas.

We are changing our homework arrangements based on answers from our parent survey and responses from our Parents Forum. We still expect tables, daily reading and spelling to be complete but we will have optional tasks for the children to complete if they wish on a “dip and do” basis. These will be available on each of the class/year group pages on the website– they will all be fully updated by next Friday.

Enjoy the weekend– I think we all need it!

Mrs Kathy Sexton

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