Dip and Do’s Reception – Term 3

Reception Dip and Do’s – Term 3


Area of Learning Activity

Personal, Social and Emotional Development


Discuss what you did at school today

Literacy (writing)  

Practice writing your first /surname/ middle name with a capital letter at the beginning of each part of your name.


Mathematical Development  

Count everything everywhere: stairs, cars, animals, houses, food, and people.

Look for numbers in the environment: when you are shopping, out for a trip or visit, at home and outside.


Physical Development  

Practise dressing and undressing with no help/ correct pencil grip/letter formation


Understanding the World  

Africa – what can you find out about Africa/Handa’s Surprise


Expressive Art and Design  

Make a 3D model of your choice – it could be an animal from Handa’s Surprise/ Continue to draw pictures of activities you have done at the weekend.



  • Please feel free to record anything you have done in this Dip and Do book to show that your child is practising and consolidating these skills.
  • You can record/make/create in any way you choose: draw, write, photos, pictures etc: so long as you are covering one of the dip and do suggestions.
  • Please keep this book in your child’s book bag every day and they will be checked by your class teacher on a Wednesday each week.
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