Our Term Dates

Year 2017-2018 Term Dates

TERM 1  Monday 4th September 2017  Friday 20th October 2017
Autumn Break  Monday 23rd October 2017  Friday 27th October 2017
TERM 2  Monday 30th October 2017  Thursday 21st December 2017
Christmas Break  Friday 22nd December 2017  Tuesday 2nd January 2018
TERM 3  Wednesday 3rd January 2018  Friday 9th February 2018
February Break  Monday 12th February 2018  Friday 16th February 2018
TERM 4  Monday 19th February 2018  Thursday 29th March 2018
Good Friday  Friday 30th March 2018
Easter Monday  Monday 2nd April 2018
Spring Break  Tuesday 3rd April 2018  Friday 13th April 2018
TERM 5  Monday 16th April 2018  Friday 25th May 2018
Bank Holiday  Monday 7th May 2018
May Break  Monday 28th May 2018  Friday 1st June 2018
TERM 6  Monday 4th June 2018  Friday 20th July 2018
School Development Days  Monday 4th September 2017
 Thursday 21st December 2017
 Wednesday 3rd January 2018
 Monday 4th June 2018
 Friday 20th July 2018

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