Extra Curricular Clubs

At St. Michael’s we provide a range of extra-curricular clubs for our children to enjoy.  Details (including cost and location) of clubs that are run by outside agencies are included in the document below. If you would like to attend these clubs please see Mrs. Cleall-Harding in the office.

We will be continuing to run after school clubs again for the terms 5 and 6. The clubs will run from 3:30pm until 4:30pm. If you would like your child to join a club please select one that you think your child may like to go to by completing the appropriate form below.

We will then collect the forms and give back to you a permission slip for you to complete to allow your child to stay on the school premises after school. There is a limit on the numbers joining some of the clubs due to resources and space so if oversubscribed the teachers will choose the children by random selection based on the number of children applied and the number of clubs they have applied for and whether or not they got into the same club previously so that everyone gets an equal chance.


Monday Art/craft Miss Daniels/ Miss Kapragkou Y1-Y6 30
  Sport Mrs Dix/Mrs Vassan YR-Y2 30
Wednesday Book club Miss Ahern/Miss Smart   none
Thursday   Eco club/Forest School/ Mrs Champ/Mrs Stanczyk YR-Y2 20
  "Really Wild Club" (Wildlife) Miss Brown Y3-Y6 20


Mrs Crosby/ Miss Sayers





Mrs Cleall Harding/Miss




The sports club run on Mondays after school led by coaches from Greenacre School in preparation for the Medway Mini Youth Games, will also continue with the same children. Training will still continue for our school football team.

All school led clubs are completely free but we do ask that you collect your children promptly as the teachers need to be free to continue with their preparation for the next day.

After School Letter and Application Form

If you would like to enroll your child on any of the above afterschool clubs, then please feel free to print out and sign our application form.
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Call us now and speak to our Business Manager Mrs Cleall-Harding

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