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TERMS 1 & 2


We will be using our Power of Reading book, Into the Forest by Anthony Browne, as our focus in our writing and reading. We will be focusing on these skills in English:

  • Writing a recount in the first person, remembering to use powerful adjectives and write consistently in the past tense.
  • Writing a play script, using the correct layout and imperative verbs and direct speech.
  • Producing our own adventure stories, using our imaginations to help with our descriptive writing.

Throughout the year there will be great emphasis on Grammar, spelling, punctuation and reading. It would be wonderful if you could support your child at home in these areas.

Foundation Subjects

We will also be covering these topics in our other learning:

  • Ancient Egypt in history, looking at who the Ancient Egyptians were, what they are famous for and what life in Ancient Egypt was like.
  • Designing and decorating our own Ancient Egyptian pyramids and sarcophagi in DT.
  • Gymnastics and agility in PE.


We will be focusing on embedding our knowledge of number and place value using hundreds, tens and ones. In particular, we will be learning about:

  • Adding two three-digit numbers together using the formal column method.
  • Subtracting two three-digit numbers using the formal column method.
  • Exploring shape and symmetry, including angles and parallel and perpendicular lines.


Our RE topic in term 1 is all about The Christian Family, which will include:

  • Learning about the Sacrament of Baptism, the promises that are made and what they mean.
  • Thinking about our church family and who is involved.

In term 2, we will be studying Mary our Mother, to include:

  • Thinking about Mary’s role as a mother and learning about the choices she made, and the effect of those choices.


Our topic for terms 1 and 2 is plants. Specifically, we will be learning about:

  • The life cycle of a flowering plant.
  • The different parts of a plant and their functions.
  • What a plant needs to be able to grow.

Dip and Do Homework


Try growing your own seeds. What do you notice as they grow? Keep a diary of your observations.

Sketch a plant from home. Can you label the different parts?


Produce a piece of art to show what you think it means to be in God’s family.


Design and make your own Ancient Egyptian outfit.


Keep a diary for one weekend. What happened? How did you feel about it?


Ask at home to collect some coins. How many different amounts can you make with your coins? Put them in order from smallest to biggest.


Who were the Ancient Egyptians? Choose either Cleopatra or Tutankhamun and create a fact file about them.


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Homework Posts
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