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Welcome to the Year 5 class page. For terms 5/6, we are looking forward to continuing to explore our WW1 topic before moving on to a new and exciting book! We have lots of new and interesting challenges to look forward to during these summer terms including: Maths week, History week, Swimming and our class trip to Dover castle! We hope you enjoy visiting our page and discovering more about the things we like to learn about.

In Religion…

Term 5: Life in the Risen Lord

Throughout this topic we will be looking at the events after the Death and Resurrection of Jesus. We will learn how his life impacted ours and how we can feel his presence even when we cannot see him. Prayer will be a bug focus during this topic as we look at the different ways that we can speak to Jesus.

Term 6: Other Faiths

During the final term we will have the opportunity to explore Other Faiths from around the world including Islam and Hinduism. We will compare other beliefs with our own to reflect on similarities and differences. This term will give us the chance to understand others and develop our sense of empathy and care.


For terms 5 and 6 our computing focus will be on media art and design. We will be using software such as Inkscape and Build with Chrome to understand construction and creativity using various technology. We will begin to see how technological advances have improved the ability to build houses, plan developments and construct. We will be using tessellation to understand the skills needed to be a graphic designer or visual artist.

The terms we have been patiently waiting for are finally here! That’s right, it’s swimming time! For our PE lessons we will be travelling to the swimming pool to learn more about water safety and improving our various swimming strokes. We are also going to have dance lessons during these terms which will give us the opportunity to explore dances such as The Charleston and Capoeira.

Term 5: Stay Where You Are and Then Leave by John Boyne

Continuing with our theme of WW1 and our class novel ‘Stay where you are and then leave’ by John Boyne, we will develop our writing skills through poetry, biographies and narrative.

Term 6: Clockwork or All Wound Up by Philip Pullman

In term 6 we will be immersing ourselves in a new exciting and scary ghost story which contains many elements of traditional fairy and horror stories. The children will be using all of their writing skills, which they have learnt this year, to produce creative narratives.

Term 5: History

This topic will teach children learn about ancient Maya civilisation. The children will learn who the ancient Maya people were and where and when they lived. They will use maps and atlases to locate Maya cities and identify countries in Mesoamerica. They will learn about the religious beliefs and rituals and find out about some of the many gods they worshipped. They will learn about the Maya number system and writing system. The children will learn about the types of food eaten by the ancient Maya people and they will find out about the significance of corn and chocolate, arguing which was most important in a class debate.

Term 6: Geography

In enough for everyone, children will think about the needs of a settlement, and the needs of the planet as a whole. They will find out where resource such a power and food come from, and look at ways in which natural resources can be conserved. After discussing the idea of a carbon footprint, children will have the chance to consider how their actions impact on others around the world, and to think about the changes that they could make to try to ensure that natural resources are shared so there is enough for everyone.

In Science…

Term 5: Living things and their habitats

This topic will teach children about the process of reproduction and the life cycles of plants, mammals, amphibians, insects and birds. The children will explore reproduction in different plants, including different methods of pollination and asexual reproduction. They will recap their work in Year 3 naming the parts of a flower. The children will have the opportunity to take cuttings from plants, creating clones of the parent plant. They will learn about different types of mammals and their different life cycles. They will explore metamorphosis in insects and amphibians, comparing their life cycles. Finally the children will explore the life cycles of birds.

 Term 6: Forces

This topic will teach the children about balanced and unbalanced forces, gravity, friction and the use of mechanisms such as levers, gears and pulleys. The children will identify forces and complete force diagrams. They will find out about Isaac Newton and his discoveries about gravity, completing a comprehension about his life and his work. The children will look for patterns and links between the mass and weight of objects, using newton metres to measure the force of gravity. Furthermore, they will investigate air and water resistance. Finally they will find out about different mechanisms.

Term 5: Measurement

Throughout this term, we will be looking at measurement and shape. We will continue to investigate the various units of measure, how we can measure them and when we might need to (real life maths). After that, we will move on to angles. By the end of term we will be able to identify, estimate and measure angles. This will lead us on to shape where we will learn more about 3D shape and nets. To finish the term off we will be rotating, translating, reflecting and tessellating!


Term 6

In term 6, as well as having maths week to look forward to, we will also be working on statistics. We will challenge ourselves to interpret various types of data and discover what we can learn from trends and averages. Towards the end of term 6, we will revise all of our learning in preparation for year 6!

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