Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 page for Terms 5 and 6! We have finally completed the SATs, and the children did an amazing job, thanks to their hard work and your support and dedication. We are now approaching a very exciting time of year. In Term 6, the children will have the opportunity to take part in a production, where you will be invited to watch your children at their very best. We have lots of trips planned, including the PGL. We are taking part in the Dickens Festival and the Battle of Medway commemoration. As this is a very important time in your child’s life, we will be supporting your children in their transition from Year 6 to secondary school. Please let us know of any concerns you child may have with this in mind. Also, please note that there is now a new homework section called ‘Dip and Do’ under the homework tab on this page. Enjoy!

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Going into Term 6, the children will be working in a far more cross-curricular way. Lots more practical activities will be taking place, with a particular focus on topic work. We will then be thinking about transition into secondary school!

Here is a preview of SOME of the work we will be covering over the next two terms:

In English, our focus will be writing narratively. We will continue to be creative in our writing, looking particularly on the effect our writing has on the reader. We will focus on shifts in formality and more in-depth use of complex punctuation. We will also look at using editing skills to make our writing publish-ready.

In Maths, we will be using all the skills learned to-date to carry out investigations with many possible outcomes. The children will have to use the skills of trial and error, possibility and data handling.

In S.P.a.G, we will continue to apply the grammar and punctuation rules we have been learning to improve the quality of our written work.

In Religious Education our topic will be “The work of the Apostles” and “Called to Serve”. We will be looking at the journey of the apostles after the death and resurrection of Jesus and what this means to us, as we are called to be disciples of Jesus. We will then work to understand that Jesus has given us all individual gifts, so that we can shine in using these gifts to serve others.

Our History topic is Ancient Greece. We will conduct a study of Greek life and achievements, and their influence on the western world. Greek Mythology will be our writing focus; we will look at figures such as Zeus and Aphrodite.

In Science, we will learn about Electricity. We will be creating circuits, learning about voltage, studying variations in components and creating electricity in different ways, i.e. would a piece of fruit be a sufficient conductor of electricity?

In Physical Education, we will be playing competitive games, such as badminton, basketball, rounders and tennis.

In Art, we will create drawings of still life. Linking this with our history topic, we will portray artefacts from the Ancient Greek era through different media.


Children will be expected to read nightly, and learn their weekly spellings and times tables. In addition to this, feel free to take an extra activity from the ‘Dip and do’ section on this page.

‘Dip and Do’

Choose from any of the following activities:

  • Create a model or sketch of an Ancient Greek God or Goddess of your choice.
  • Research the history of electricity: who discovered it and how?
  • Prepare a ‘dos and don’ts’ leaflet for the children coming up to Year 6.
  • Write your own Greek myth.
  • Try making an electrical circuit with materials of your choice. Which everyday food could be a good conductor?
  •  Design and make an outfit that reflects the time period of Ancient Greece.

Year 6 Homework

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