10th January 2020 Newsletter

Dear all

Happy New year and indeed “decade” to everyone. Its great to be back and see all the children and staff return after Christmas ready to face a new beginning.

I wonder if our  new year resolutions are still in place or have they slipped? Sometimes its because we set too high expectations for ourselves. Probably a really easy one for parents and carers this year,( which would certainly help us and your child), is always to try and sign your child’s learning journal every week so that all parents/carers are monitoring reading, spelling, homework and keeping in contact with our child’s teacher. This is a great new resolution and very sustainable!!

Still on the subject of new year and the general feeling towards good health and fitness, we will be having a real drive this year at getting our children fitter and healthier. We still skip every day and to keep active but we will be aiming to do “a mile per day” movement as well as ensuring that our children are active for at least 60 minutes daily. We will also be paying attention to healthy lunches and snacks. Awards will be given for good examples of nutrition to children who have lots of fruit, fibre and low sugar food in lunch boxes and for snacks. Can I please remind you that chocolate and sweets are not permitted in school and crisps should be kept to a minimum please if they have to be consumed at all. Crisps certainly should not be eaten every day and never for the morning snack! Look out for more reminders on good health and nutrition in the coming weeks

Well done to those children who completed our “ Reading Christmas Cracker Challenge” over the holidays– I’m looking forward to seeing all those selfies of the children reading during the festive period. There will be a party for those who completed the challenge in school on 15th January 2020

Have a restful and enjoyable weekend  

Mrs Katharine Sexton


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