11th September 2020 Newsletter

Dear all

I can’t tell you how lovely it is to have everyone back– the attendance has been amazing, the children have come back happy and full of news. Having not seen the vast majority of children for 6 months its amazing how they have grown and changed. Its also lovely to see all the parents and carers back as well. I am so grateful for how much you have supported us through all of this– the new arrangements especially at the end of day haven’t been easy but everyone has adapted and on the whole have been on time to collect their children and only have one adult per family. The respect everyone has shown about not coming into the school building, using the correct entry and exit gates in the playground etc is very appreciated. Thank you so much for your support and your kind comments as I have been at the gate.

It is so important that we don’t dawdle at the fence to have a chat, we are social beings and to socialise is normal but we must try to keep this at a minimum to avoid “pinch points” and always ensure that we are 2m apart where possible to avoid us or our families catching the infection. A positive Covid test will lead to isolation for ourselves, our households and in the case of our children catching it– the whole bubble the child is in having to be sent home. Remember HANDS, FACE, SPACE.

Spellings, reading, homework etc. will continue as usual but all the information you need about your child’s work in school can be found on the year group page on the school website. Click onto the Year group tab on the home page and select the relevant year group on the drop down menu to find all the curriculum information you need.

Sadly we can’t have assemblies in accordance with government guidance but I am having year group bubble assembly on Monday mornings– whole school assemblies are not allowed so celebration assemblies will be on Friday in classes via Zoom

Different times but I guess we will adapt as we have all being doing over the last 6 months.

Have a restful weekend, we will all need it    Mrs K Sexton



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