16th October 2020 Newsletter

Dear all,

Thank you so much to those parents who sent their children to school today in their home clothes in exchange for a donation to “Caring Hands”. This will make a real difference to the charity and to those feeling hardship in these particularly difficult times.

Thank you also to those parents who have taken part in our parent consultations which because of the current situation have been over the phone. These have worked out well with the majority of parents remembering to be available when we call. Its no substitute for actual face to face meetings but again thank you for your understanding as always in these unprecedented times.

As you will have noticed I’m sure we have not had any after school clubs because we can not mix bubbles. In recognition of the fact that the children have missed so much school we are intending to run after school “catch up” sessions for each class apart from year R. More details will be released next week but these will be taught by your child’s class teacher and the year group teaching assistants to maintain the bubbles. The children will be taught in small groups filling the gaps that have been identified as part of our assessments that we recently carried out. We will initially be concentrating on maths. The classes will all finish at 4:15pm. We would like as many children as possible to attend these extra classes to allow your child to make up for the lost schooling over “lock down” A letter will come out next week.

So far our attendance has been really good but if the case should arise where your child is having to self isolate but is not showing any symptoms and is well, then they must access the home learning which is on our learning platform on the school website. You would have been familiar with this system during “lock down”. Once your child has completed the work it can be uploaded for marking. If you need any assistance with this please do just call the school. If we all do this it means that the loss to your child’s education because they have had to miss school can be limited.

And finally… next Friday is Cultural Dress Up day when we are asking the children to come to school dressed in their national costume as part of our final celebration day of Our World study from our shared book “Here We are” by Oliver Jeffers. I can’t wait to see all those bright colours.

K Sexton


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