23rd March 2018 Newsletter

Hello all,

We have had such a busy week this week with lots going on. This is our Book Week postponed from when the school was closed due to the snow. Everyone looks amazing today dressed up as their favourite book character. We had drama workshops from the “One Day” company based on the plays of Shakespeare, trips to Chatham Library, reciprocal reading with children reading with their friends in different year groups and even key stages and lots of lovely work in the infants based on the books of Julia Donaldson. Well done for everyone’s help with this regarding costumes etc and to Miss Smart for organising such a fun week.

Yesterday we had our effort for Sports Relief. It was lovely to see so many children come to school in their sports wear in exchange for a donation for the charity. We all went in for the skipping in a big way with lots of parents skipping against the clock in the cage in the school playground before school. A great way to start the day– I was very impressed with some parents, ( mainly dads) who really threw themselves into it– I had no idea skipping could be so competitive!! Our champion skippers from our big skip off competition were Miks, Michael Collins and Devine  who skipped 286, 255 and 231 skips in 2 minutes respectively! Altogether we raised £ 345.00 for Sports Relief so again thank you very much.

It was so good to see so many parents come to our parent consultation evening last night. It was also great to see parents completing our interactive questionnaire on our ipads. The answers to these will be collated and shared with you next term. Thanks also to those parents who came to our Parent Forum meeting on Tuesday, they kindly “pilot studied” the questionnaire for us– we wrote the questions with them in mind, rather than use a standard Ofsted one. We prefer to use one that is actually tailored for St Michael’s to actually gauge parental opinion on what we do here at the school not just generically. The comments are of more use to us than just ticking the corresponding box so thanks again for the level of detail that parents put into their answers.

This will be my last newsletter (or blog if you are reading this off the home page of the website) before Easter. Have a happy and holy Easter Season with those that you love and I hope to see you all safe and sound in term 5 Mon 16th April

Mrs Kathy Sexton

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