26th June 2020 – Update 13

Dear Parents and carers,

What amazing weather we are having! It is forecast to have cooled down for next week but please do remember that sun protection is so important. Children should come to school with a suitable sunhat and it would be really helpful if your child could have sun cream already applied in the morning which is long lasting. We can’t apply sun cream with the social distancing rules so early morning application before school is preferable. Coming to school with a full water bottle would also be a good idea.

I know you all received an email but just in case you aren’t aware, the last day of term will be Friday 17th July. We will be in school for a few days the following week catching up on the inset/staff training days that we missed due to the need to open the school on 1st June, and it seemed much more sensible to close on the Friday rather than expect the children to return for Monday of the following week. So last day for all children is Friday 17th July 2020…


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