Parent Forum Meeting – 27th September 2016

In attendance

Staff: Mrs Sexton, Mrs Fredericks, Mrs Margaret McDowall Chair of Governors

Parents/carers: Mrs Glinska, Mrs Aguirre, Mrs Lawie, Mrs Oluyoya, Mr and Mrs Obadare, Miss Arthur

Everyone was welcomed and thanked for coming.

Main areas

Swimming : The present Y5 did not receive their full complement of swimming lessons when they were in Y3 due to the insurance ramifications of the bus company. It was also suggested if the children could receive certificates to celebrate their swimming achievements.

New Parents and car parking: Although the welcome that the new parents and children receive was acknowledged, there is a problem with parking at the end of the day. It was explained that the new arrangements in the morning greatly reduced this, however the afternoon was a problem. Various suggestions were made such as the infant children being released 15 minutes earlier. However this would mean these children missing their 15 minute afternoon play, this would also not solve the problem for parents who have children in the juniors and would still have to wait until 3:30pm. The school is in the process of starting up a walking bus which would help those children and families who do not need to drive to school. There is a provision for 2 hour free parking at Wickes. It was discussed that perhaps the school could contact the council and ask for a 15 minute “time of grace” to 3:45pm to allow parents to collect their children and go before a parking ticket is issued.

Communication: it was suggested that perhaps the use of e mails and texts could be used more by the school to alert parents to events as well as notice through the newsletter.

Toilets: Although recognised as not a school issue, there was a concern expressed regarding no toilets for the mass goers to attend in the church. Mrs McDowall suggested that the toilets in the hall could be used as long as they were opened and then locked after mass, she would speak to Fr Baker

Closure of the Nursery: This was discussed. Mrs Sexton and Mrs McDowall although they had sympathy with parents’ plight re childcare, said that the school would not be extending its care to after school. An after school care club used to be run by the school but this was closed down as it wasn’t financially viable to run it. Since then we have our own after school extra curricular clubs which run every day so we would be unable to accommodate another after school club due to lack of space.

The meeting finished at 9:35am. The next meeting will be on Tuesday 29th November during morning drop off time. All are welcome

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