29th November 2019 Newsletter

Dear all

As you will be aware we have had an Ofsted inspection and I am glad to report that we have retained our “ Good” grading. We are all very happy with the report which is  a testament of all the hard work we do here as a school community. We were a few months earlier than we had expected as we hadn’t yet entered the “  inspection window” but with a call on 4th November at 10:40am we were all ready for the Inspector the next day at 8am. So with no real prior warning or time to prepare -the “ Good” grading is a very honest judgement of the school for which we are rightly proud. The report has already been circulated , it is on our school website and will be on the Ofsted website on Monday.

We have had a few incidents this week regarding children being on Apps such as Instagram and YouTube. These are not suitable for our children as they need to be 13 to be on them and 18 for YouTube. As parents we need to be vigilant on what  our children are accessing on ALL of their devices—have a look at what apps/games they have on their phones/ipads/laptops etc- talk to them about it and check  their activity regularly. This includes not only apps but what they are accessing on Google and other search engines and even what they are doing on our own learning platform. We can see activity on our platform whether children are accessing it in school or at home but we can’t supervise their personal use of other activities at home. We will be delivering Online Safety for all parents but we do address this with children in computing lessons and in our PSHE/Jigsaw syllabus as well.

Sunday is the First Sunday of Advent when we prepare ourselves for the coming of Our Lord at Christmas: “Therefore you also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an unexpected hour”- We will light the advent wreath in assembly next week

Have a good weekend     Mrs K Sexton


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