3rd July 2020 Update 14

Dear Parents and carers,

I hope everyone is well and keeping safe. This week we welcomed 30 year 5 children back to school and it was just lovely to see them. Other teachers are having some individual tutor type sessions with some children in other year groups so we are all busy. We are unable to open to any additional children apart from key workers and vulnerable children as our accommodation is now full due to the social distancing rules and we have no more teachers available to teach any additional children. But well done to everyone who have pulled together to do what we can within the DfE guidance and limitations.

We are very aware that our normal summer term activities can no longer take place in the form that we would usually do however we are trying to be replicate some of them as best as we can. On Monday 13th July we will be having our “Virtual Sports Day”. The children in school and those at home will be able to take part in various sporting challenges, record their result and send their points in- the points will go towards their houses as we always compete in house for sports day. There will be no work set on that day on the online home learning as we want everyone to be active. There will be more information on this next week through our online learning platform – Jotter…


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