8th February 2019 Newsletter

Dear All,

We have had a busy week with Safer Internet day on Tuesday and Chinese New Year. As well as all this excitement year 6 have had their mock SATs. This is where they sit a past paper in the test conditions that they will be experiencing in May for the real SATs. We have followed the timetable as if it was the real week. This allows the children to get accustomed to exam conditions and more importantly highlights to us the areas of the curriculum that the children need extra input in either as a whole cohort or on an individual basis. These areas will be addressed in class and in the booster classes that we will be running after school in term 4. I am so proud of how well the children adapted. The real SATs tests for year 6 will be from Monday 13th May to Thursday 16th May. There will be more details nearer the time.

Still thinking ahead we are planning our Book Week which this year will be from Monday 4th March to Friday 8th March. Our theme this year will be “Myths and Legends”. So that everyone knows well in advance we will be having a “dress up” day on 7th March when the children if they wish can come to school dressed as a legendary character, eg a dragon, a knight etc so there’s plenty of time to get making and designing!

Some of you may be aware of the 500 words competition being run by Radio 2. This is a very well established competition which is judged by professionals, authors, actors etc with the childrens writing being divided into various age groups. If you would like your child to enter please go to the Radio 2 website where you will find all the details. Entries have to be in by 8th March 2019. This might be a nice activity to do over the February break for all those budding writers out there.

We are in need of a Parent governor here at the school, if you would like to know more about this and/or are interested please do come into school and ask at reception. Mrs Greatorex will get back to you with more information

Have a lovely weekend.    Mrs Kathy Sexton

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