5th October 2018 Newsletter

Dear All,

I can hardly believe that we are now in October and only have 2 weeks now to the end of term ready for the Autumn break, where has the time gone?

We have now finished all of our open mornings with parents invited in to class to experience their child’s learning journey. Our theme is “ Come and see how we learn to read” we have been so pleased with the amount of parents and carers who have attended these sessions—the word has obviously got round, its so satisfying for the teachers when they put a lot of work into the planning of these sessions and lots of parents engage. We will be doing more of these in term 3 looking at maths and tables next time.

This Monday 8th October will be our first parent consultation day beginning with Year 6 parents. The meetings will take place in one of the front meeting rooms, so please do come into the school at your allotted time and sit on one of the seats in the entrance area. You will have the opportunity to look through your child’s books and see the teacher along with your child. The usual time slots apply with the meetings being for 10 minutes, if there are any pressing issues we would ask you to make another appointment at a mutually convenient time.

Our next Parent Forum meeting will be on Tuesday 13th November at 9am.  More details to follow nearer the time. 

Yesterday we had a local author Grant Koper in school visiting  the infants.in year 1 and 2.  He read from his books and signed his latest one for the children. 

Thank you so much to all of the parents and their families who supported our Macmillan Coffee Day last Friday. Altogether we raised £482, not bad for a few buns and a cup of tea so well done everyone!!

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs K Sexton


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