8th June 2018 Newsletter

Dear all,

This is our History and Geography Week when we have been exploring our learning through historical and Geographical knowledge. We have also been investigating the British Culture and today the children have been given the opportunity to dress up as a famous British Icon.

The week before we broke up for half term was “All Faiths” week culminating in our celebration of traditional food and culture which we were all able to sample after school on Friday 25th May. I was overwhelmed by the response, the food cooked, prepared and then offered for FREE was totally amazing and the numbers of parents and children who stayed after school to take part in the celebrations was also fantastic. Thank you so much to all the parents and friends of the school who helped out. It is really appreciated. We are hoping to continue with more cultural food stalls for the summer fair on 22nd June so watch this space.

We sent out letters and information on GDPR on 25th May. There is also a page about this on our website. We have already asked your permission to use your child’s image when you enrolled your child at the school, however if you are unsure as to whether you have given permission or wish to change your options please do print off the appropriate form and bring it into school. Failing that we have paper copies here at the office. Remember under the GDPR regulations you need to “ opt in” to give permission so if the box isn’t ticked then we will presume that permission has been denied. Parents are also now able to request to see data, this has always been the case but this time the request should be made to our Data Protection Officer (DPO) who is Mrs Hurst in the front office. She will be able to give you the required forms but they are also on our website.

Alongside this newsletter there is correspondence being sent home regarding healthy eating, healthy lunch boxes, no sweets or chocolate and crisps on Fridays. Please do read this, we are grateful for your support in trying to encourage our children to make healthy food choices which we hope will continue into adulthood.

Our next Parent Forum meeting will be on 21st June at 8:30am, all are welcome

Have a good weekend       Mrs Katharine Sexton

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