Homework – Year R

Reception Christmas holiday Dip n’ Dos 2018

Personal, Social and Emotional  Development Talk about Christmas in your house and how you celebrate it.
Literacy (writing) Write a shopping list (this could be for your special Christmas dinner) writing the sounds in the order you hear them.
Literacy (Reading)   St Michaels Christmas Cracker competition: All children have received a Christmas Cracker reading challenge.

Read stories at home together (remember to write in your child’s Learning diary ready for Buster’s Book Club-the more times you read and write in your child’s learning diary, the more points your child will score)

Make up your own story – parents can scribe their child’s ideas

Mathematical Development Number: Count how many decorations are on your tree, how many Christmas cards you have, look for numbers around the home: on packaging, in books, on toys etc
  Shape: Go on a 2D and 3D shape hunt around your home/local area – what shape are your toys? Boxes? Tins? Furniture etc?
Physical Development Practice cursive letter formation (all letters a-z) Practice writing your first name/ whole name

Practice getting dressed with complete independence (including buttons and zips)

Understanding the World


Expressive Art and Design

People and communities: Talk about the special things you do over the holidays – perhaps you could keep a diary

Create a winter picture/collage selecting colours for purpose appropriately.

Please hand the ‘Learning Journey’ to your child’s class teacher by Friday 4th January 2019- we look forward to seeing all the exciting things you have been up to over the Christmas break

Have a lovely Christmas everyone!

Reception Easter break activities

  Read every day Practice letter formation using the sheet to copy letters Write sentences about what they get up to over the break Use number lines to practice counting on and back to add and take away Activities...

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St. Michael’s Easter Extravaganza Reading Challenge

Over the Easter holidays, you have a mission. Your challenge is to read 12 poems about Easter, Spring or Seasons. Get your parent/carer to sign the sheet to show you have read these poems. Sheet here. Then, you have the...

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Reception Dip and Do’s Term 2

Reception Dip and Do’s – Term 2   Area of Learning Activity   Personal, Social and Emotional Development Discuss what you did at school today, talk about who they played with, what have they learnt? etc   Literacy (writing) Practise writing words and captions. ‘Fred talk’ simple (3 letter)...

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Reception Dip and Do’s

Hi everyone! This term we will be having a big focus on getting the children prepared and ready to meet their end of year goals and to prepare them for Year 1. Please support your child by completing the following...

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Reception – Home Learning in the snow

We hope you are having lots of fun. Please wrap up warm and keep safe. Here are a few pieces of work to keep you occupied during this very cold weather: draw a picture of a snowman and label the...

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Dip and Do’s Reception – Term 3

Reception Dip and Do’s – Term 3   Area of Learning Activity   Personal, Social and Emotional Development   Discuss what you did at school today Literacy (writing)   Practice writing your first /surname/ middle name with a capital letter at the beginning of each part of your name.   Mathematical...

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Reception Christmas homework

Your child has taken home some special Christmas activities. There is a maths activity booklet and some literacy based activities - please help your child to complete these. When your child returns in January he/she should be independently...

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Reception Dip and Do – Term 1

Reception Dip and Do – Term 1   Area of Learning Activity Personal, Social and Emotional Development Discuss what went well at school this week. Literacy (writing) Practise writing your name with a capital letter at the beginning. Mathematical Development Set the table, counting plates, knives etc while...

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Get involved in the Summer Reading Challenges!

Animal Agents This summer there’s something strange happening at the library – and that’s where the Animal Agents come in! The Animal Agents love solving mysteries and they need YOU to help them crack their biggest case yet. Who has painted graffiti on the...

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Maths Week Competitions!

Hello everyone! As discussed in assembly, here are the maths week competitions. Winners will be chosen for KS1 and KS2 next Thursday so make sure you get your entries to me (Miss King, Year 5) before then! Tessellation competition: The...

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