Science Blog

Science is a valued core subject at St Michaels. Each week we will update you with our Scientists of the Week along with activities for you to investigate in your spare time. We will document any exciting scientific activities from around the school and keep you up-to-date on some of the happenings in the science world. Miss L Ahern.

Scientist of the Week (w/b 30.04.2018)

The scientific discoveries continue at St. Michael's, with some excellent examples seen across the school. From conditions for plant growth in Year 2 to the effects of gravity in Year 5, there has been a lot of learning taking...

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British Science Week 2018

It's finally here! The most exciting week in the Science calendar - British Science Week. The theme this year is 'Exploration and Discovery', and at St. Michael's we will be learning about famous inventors, explorers and scientists. There will...

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Scientist of the Week (w/b 05.02.2018)

Hi everyone! This week we had two weeks worth of Scientists to award! There were many examples of great Science across the school. It is amazing to see our young scientists develop and enjoy their work. Coming soon, we will...

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Scientist of the Week (w/b 22.01.2018)

Another brilliant week of scientific work at St. Michael's! The children took part in many investigations this week, as well as answering their Big Questions to show all of their learning and new scientific skills. Well done all!

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Scientist of the Week (w/b 15.01.2018)

What a fantastic first week of celebrating Science at St. Michael's! We saw some excellent examples of investigative work and use of scientific vocabulary in books. Well done all! Miss Ahern :)

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