Parent Forum Meeting – 30th January 2017

In attendance

Staff: Mrs Collins, Mrs McDowall, Mr Byrnes

Parent/ Carers: Martina Duracic, Bismarck Simpson, Gifty Tetteh, Kemi Olowere, Victoria Arthur, Anna Gucwa Glinska, Rupa Begum, Zinka Stoycheva, Nora Basha, Rinikew Yyas, Jo Drummond.

Everyone was welcomed and thanked for coming. Mrs McDowall led an opening prayer.

Membership of Forum:

The subject of attracting more parents to the forum was broached, it was suggested that we do more celebration events i.e. BBQ’s to bring parents and children together. In doing this we can advertise and have a personal approach to the subject/ forum.

Minutes from last meeting:

Parents were very happy with the new and improved ‘Parent Pay’, they said that it was a great idea and they now feel more informed as to the events happening in school; parents particularly liked the reminders that are sent closer to the dates. In connection with the communication, the Non-smoking and Salvation Army assemblies were well received. Parents felt that the well-being of the children was definitely being met, it also opened the door for more extensive conversation happening at home. The collection for the homeless was also well received as it highlighted and helped the local community of Chatham.

The subject of swimming lesson was brought up again, it was suggested that each year group would receive at least ten hours of swimming throughout the course of the year. As a result, finance and lack of time was discussed, parent were made aware that the swimming lessons were on a contribution basis and the cost of the coach would have to come out of the school’s budget if the hours were increased. It was also suggested that the school could look into using the facilities at neighbouring Primary Schools.

Matters arising from the questionnaire:

Homework was discussed, parent were pleased about the consistency of the homework across the school, parents were also very happy with the variation of the homework in KS1, however felt that the homework in KS2 was less exciting. It was suggested that perhaps there could be examples given for the strategies used, particularly in maths. The marking of homework was mentioned, it was suggested that although work is marked perhaps teachers could write a message or sign the work to show it’s been seen. In addition, parents felt that perhaps we could do more morning or after school sessions on demonstrating methods used in class to better assist their children with homework.

Learning journals:

Parents were very happy with the content of the learning journals and found them very useful, to such a point that one parent’s family member actually showed her own school as a reference point. It was suggested that perhaps we could have a guide to the using of the journals on the website and perhaps an additional guide during the ‘House Keeping Meetings’.

PE attire:

PE kit was discussed as there was some misunderstanding as to what was suitable in these winter months. It was clarified that tracksuits can be worn during the cold months and that the St Michaels polo shirts should be worn throughout the year.

The use of the grass area:

The subject of the grass area was brought up, we discussed that while we do have the permission to use this area, it was still very uneven and is currently a possible health and safety concern.

Celebration days:

Parents would like to see more opportunities for celebration days, it was suggested that perhaps we could combine St Georges day with an International day, to further bring our diverse community together in celebration. Dress up days were also asked for, it was recognised that we have done lots but that more events could be arranged. One thought was that we could have an open day on the last day of the school year, where children could dress up, parents could come in (open day).


Although each year group do go on trips it may be an idea to organise a greater variety of trips i.e. Theatre trips. It was thought that this might be offered across the school to those who could afford it.

The meeting finished at 9:45am

The next meeting will be held on the 9th of May 2017 at the same time.



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