MYG Hockey

MYG Hockey write up:

7 Year 5 and 6 students represented the school in Hockey on the 20th October. The day kicked off to an excellent start where they won their first game. In the first half they were down by 2 goals but with determination not to give up the students scored 3 goals in quick concession. The students played each game with enthusiasm and focus! They worked well as a team and demonstrated some excellent skills, especially some crosses which resulted in scoring!

Well done to all students, they were very well behaved all day.

  • St Michael’s 3 V 2 Pilgrim
  • St Michael’s  0 V 4 Cliffe Woods
  • St Michael’s  0 V 0 St Mary’s Island
  • St Michael’s  0 V 3 New Road
  • St Michael’s  2 V 2 Luton 
  • St Michael’s  1 V 3 St Thomas More
  • St Michael’s  0 V 1 Fairview
  • St Michael’s  1 V 3 St Margret’s 


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