Parent Forum Meeting – 21st June 2018

In attendance: Mrs Sexton, Mrs Collins, Mrs Greatorex, Jim Viney, Mrs Kedziora, Anna Glinska, Alexandra Omieczynski, Bushra Slalvi, Victoria Arthur Amponsah, Mrs Ojini, Mr Okrah

Introductions were made and each parent talked briefly about their children and what year group they were in. Some parents also discussed some of the things they liked about St Michaels. Over all, parents were very positive about everything that has been put into place this academic year.

Suggestions that arose from this conversation are as follows:

  • When discussing the letter that will going out to parents about the ‘School Improvement Plan’, all parents felt that this was a good idea and were enthusiastic about forwarding their thoughts and opinions in going forward
  • Parents all agreed that the drive towards healthy eating was a good idea, they felt that the children were all on board and were enjoying making suggestions as to what healthy options they should be having, in addition, parents thought that no crisps until Friday was acceptable and felt that this
    would be something that should continue. It was also agreed that teachers would lead by example and follow the healthy eating policy.
  • It was agreed that the ‘Entrepreneurial activities’ have been a success and that children felt part of the process, it was said that this gives children more appreciation for what they are working towards.
  • When discussing the ‘Workshops’ and the lack of parental participation in some cases, parents felt that perhaps some parents may be put off because of the subject knowledge, with this said all parents who have attended have said how useful it was and how they had a better understanding of what their children were asked to do. Parents also felt that the children should invite the parents themselves to ensure parents know how important it is to them that they attend. In addition, it was discussed that dates for the workshops go out well in advance so that parents who work could get the day/ morning off work.

AOB: A parent shared her frustration at the rate in which her son was going through school shoes. As a school, we will continue to remind children that they can change into PE shoes/ trainers for both playtime and lunchtime.

It was suggested that a news board be placed in the playground to remind parents of events for the week ahead.

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