I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents who took the time during our recent parent evening to answer our parent questionnaire so fully on the school’s I pads whilst they were waiting for their appointments. They have really helped us in supporting you for the future and helping the school move forward.

We had 181 returns in total and the summary of results and general feedback is as such:

Is your child happy at School?
This was overwhelmingly positive with parents mentioning the warm atmosphere, the kindness of the teachers, the good quality education their children receive, the Themed science weeks, their overall enjoyment, the Reading Café etc

How do you know your child is safe at school?
Again this was also positive with parents commenting on the teachers taking care of their children, the routines in place, the security of the school building, with many mentioning the electric gates and the buzz system to enter the school, good communication between school and parents when their child has had an accident or incident in school, vigilance of the teachers, children feel safe from bullying both in school and online etc.

Do you feel better informed about your child’s progress since the introduction of the Target Tracker target sheet being distributed at parent evening?
86.7 % agree. 11% don’t know.   2% disagree
Positive comments included, giving the parents extra information to help at home, showing the areas that need to be worked on. The colour coding made it easier to understand. However, some parents were unsure as to what the Target Tracker sheets were, though I suppose some may have done the questionnaire and were then given the target sheet afterwards on seeing the teacher as every parent was given the form. Some parents identified difficulties as the forms they received at the first parent meeting were in a different format to the second forms given at the second parent evening, thus making comparisons more difficult. This is a very valid point. We are still at the “teething” stage with using Target Tracker to support parents and thus are trying out different forms. From next year we will decide on which format to use and then stick to it!

Have the Early morning sessions had a positive input on your child progress?
84% agree, 14.4% don’t know, 1.7% disagree
All apart from 1 response thought that the extra morning work did make an impact especially with their child’s basics in reading, spelling and maths. Also working parents found it very useful. However, 2 responses said that they were unable to get their children to school at 8:30am, mainly due to siblings at other schools. However as so many parents were supportive of the early morning interventions they will remain in place for the foreseeable future

Has the new Homework Policy been of benefit to you and your child?
86.7% agree, 13.3% disagree
Overall this was positively received with many parents preferring the “Less pressure” for them to get the more formal homework completed, that they had less stressful periods at home and enjoyed the weekends more. Others noticed that their child’s reading, tables and spellings results were improving as they were able to concentrate more on these, rather than the previous set written homework from before with less confusion as to how the child was to complete the task, however a small minority wanted more homework to be written and handed in, this was only a handful of parents. The “Dip and dos” were mentioned but some parents thought that though these were sufficient, they would prefer that they were changed more frequently by the teachers on the class pages of the website as their child had completed them. Again a very valid point and one that can be addressed straight away for the remainder of the year.

Have you found the class workshops useful?
71.3% agree, 25.4% don’t know, 3.3% disagree
Although those that attended the workshops did find them useful with the exception of one response who felt that they were too many children, the main issue is not being able to attend, and the over whelming reason for this was work commitments.  This is a tricky one as work would also deter parents from attending after school sessions as they are during the day. We have held similar sessions in the evening in the past but these have not been well attended with child care being an issue, so it is difficult to please everyone. It could be that as a school, if we gave parents the date of the workshops with more notice, then perhaps time could be booked off work. It would also appear that some parents didn’t know they were happening. The times are posted on the newsletter and in housekeeping letters and emailed through Parentpay. One respondent suggested putting the times on the website which we could do in future on the home page but the newsletter is on the website anyway which has the timings published in it. Once the workshops/open mornings become more of a routine in the school calendar i.e. at the beginning of the terms 1, 3 and 5, I think parents will become more aware. “Word of mouth” will also help in this regard.

If your child has been unhappy in school how has the school addressed this?
Some parents reported that their child is always happy in school as evidenced through the first question however, on the occasion when they have been unhappy, communication between the school and them is highly regarded. Calls from the office home, chatting to teachers, meeting with Mrs Fredericks, prompt appointments and matters resolved from the Headteacher have all played their part. The school will endeavour to continue to keep parents informed, and to be as approachable as possible to answer parental concerns about their child and solve any problems

Has the new & improved learning environment enhanced your child’s learning experience?

91.7% agree, 6.6% don’t know, 1.7% disagree
The environment was acknowledged, sport and exercise was also mentioned, as was the overall ambience and displays in the school, one parent commented that, “The school looks amazing”. Most of the other really positive comments were for the Forest School. It would appear that the parents and their children really enjoy it, they like being outside, having fun and learning with their friends, it has even been regarded as a means to improve their child’s morale. The Forest School with Mrs Champ particularly, has been a great success and we will definitely be maintaining this next year.

Thank you again for completing this questionnaire. Parent voice is really important to us. If you have any further suggestions or comments please do pop in or attend our Parent Forums, there will be another one in term 6 (date to be confirmed), or just drop an email into the school office

Mrs K Sexton



  • Are you happy at St Michael’s?  Yes 96.2%  No 3.8%
  • Do you know how to keep yourself safe at St Michael’s?  Yes 97.3%  No 2.7/5
  • Do you think behaviour is good at St Michael’s?  Yes 95.9%  No 4.1%
  • Do you feel you can help others with good behaviour?  Yes 95.6% No 4.4%
  • Do you feel that bullying is dealt with well at St Michael’s?  Yes 90.4%  No 9.6%
  • Do you enjoy playtime and Lunchtime at St Michael’s?  Yes 98.4%  No 1.6%
  • Do you feel the adults in St Michael’s have high expectations for you?  Yes 98%  No 2%
  • Do you respect the rights and views of others? Yes 98.3%  No 1.7%
  • Do you enjoy the lessons taught at St Michael’s?  Yes 98.6%  No 1.4%
Children’s comments:
  • “I love learning.”
  • “I love the new things that we learn.”
  • “I love going on school trips, when we go to the pantomime. I enjoy coming in to class at the beginning of the day. Clubs are fun, as well as St. Michael’s Day.”
  • “I absolutely love the school trips like when we went to the pantomimes and zoo. I also love the teachers because they want us to learns and have a good education. At the same time they also try to make lessons extremely fun while we are learning. The lessons are interesting because there are so many subjects to learn about.”
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