Pastoral Care at St Michael’s is very important within our community and we hope that you find our Pastoral Manager to be:

  • Friendly, helpful and welcoming to parents and others visiting or making contact with the school.
  • A good role model for students.
  • Appropriate and professional in manner with pupils in an informal way


My name is Mrs Fredericks. I am the Pastoral Manager/HSSW at St Michael’s RC Primary School.

My role in school involves working directly as a Pastoral Mentor with children and their families/carers in a ‘lead professional’ role and co-ordinate support programmes to promote positive engagement.

I also work in partnership with parents/carers advising on practical childcare, the importance of good attendance and parenting skills. To promote the self-esteem of family members helping them to develop personal and interpersonal skills, which will impact on their ability to communicate openly.

If you would like to book an appointment to see me please ask at the school office.

Parent and Toddler Group

We run a Parent and Toddler Group here at St Michaels. Come and meet with other parents and their children. Share play opportunities! The meetings are free and include a snack for the children. All are welcome – babies and children up to Reception age. This includes children without siblings in the school. Please contact the school for further information and to apply.


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