September Full Return to School Letter

Dear parents and carers,

We are busy getting prepared for the full return of our children in September. For the last two Inset days we have been planning for our Recovery Curriculum. We want to ensure that we will be delivering a broad and balanced curriculum ensuring that the gaps in knowledge that may have been developed will be filled, as well as ensuring that all the fundamentals in education like reading, writing and maths are also covered. We have been so pleased with the numbers of children who completed all the home learning but there is no substitute for being in school and we are so looking forward to seeing everyone.

We do recognise that for some children and their parents coming back to school might be a rather daunting prospect but we will all do our best to keep us safe and to allay any fears you might have. We have been lucky as we have had YR, Y1, Y6 and in St Michael’s, Y5 back to school in June and July so we have had a bit of a dress rehearsal for the wider school opening in regard to health and safety procedures. We have taken our existing risk assessment and have only had to modify it slightly. At the moment it is being consulted with by all staff and governors but this will be completed in good time for September so that all parents can have a look at it on our website to fully inform them and hopefully allay any concerns they might have.

I will be writing to all parents again with further details but so far parents need to know that: (read more)

You can also read the Fridays 17th end of term update here.


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