Year 1

The staff and pupils of Year 1 would like to welcome you to our page.  We look forward to a magnificent year with your child and you!



Please follow the link to access Year 1 Phonics Check materials from the Government 

St. Simon

Miss Daniels (Teacher) Mrs Sliney 

Mrs Osei (Teaching Assistant)

St. James the Lesser

Miss Ryan (Teacher) (KS1 Lead)

Mrs Thompson (Teaching Assistant)


Welcome back to Term 4!


Term 4 – Man on the Moon

  • Sequencing sentences to form narratives.
  • Fantasy settings.
  • Writing using times of day and days of the week.

Read, Write, Inc.

Read Write Inc. (RWI). provides a cohesive and creative approach to teaching children to read and write, following on from Reception. We will be having RWI lessons daily where your child will have lessons tailored to their needs and continuing to consolidate and enhance their phonics learning and sentence writing from Reception. We will also be using these lessons to develop our vocabulary and story comprehension skills.


  • Place value within 20 (tens and ones).
  • Finding one more and one less within 20.
  • Addition and subtraction within 20.
  • Worded problems and problem solving using our place value knowledge.

Religious Education


Term 4: Following Jesus

  • How Jesus chose his disciples.
  • The story of the Good Samaratan.
  • How Jesus taught his disciples to pray.








Foundation subjects

  • PE will be outdoor tag rugby and indoor dance using our new equipment in the main hall. PE days for year 1 will be Mondays and Thursdays For Miss Ryan and Mondays and Wednesdays for Miss Daniels. Please make sure your child leaves their kit at school and is not wearing earrings on PE days.
  • Art/DT/Music: Term 4 will be DT, using our knowledge of materials to design and construct a rocket for our man on the moon.
  • Geography This term we will learn about famous people in History relating to our Man on the Moon space topic.
  • Computing: We will be learning how to log in to the computer, using simple programs and improving our mouse control. We will be learning about how to keep safe when using technology and why technology is important in everyday life.


Term 4: Everyday materials project

  • Use of everyday materials to plan and construct space rockets for our Man on the Moon astronaut.
  • Mixing different materials together to see what happens!


Phonics Check homework: You will receive practice materials for your child to read with you at home!

Reading:  Each child will receive a reading book which must be read daily and signed each time by an adult. Reading books will be provided based on reading levels from Accelerated Reader, which tests the children based on their reading and comprehension of every story they read. Your child’s test scores will be recorded in their reading journals and a new book will be given based on test scores.

Spelling: Children will be given a spelling list every MONDAY. The pupils will have a spelling test on Fridays and incorrect spellings will be identified to parents so that further work can be done on them at home. Children will write their spellings into their own reading journals now to further promote their independence.


Number bond tests: Children will also be tested weekly on their numberbonds to 10 and 20 to check for fast mental calculation and accuracy within adding and taking away.

Dip and Do: Additional homework will be available via the school website and in our Year 1 homework books, where the children can select and complete a task from a range of different challenges. We would love to sign homework books when the challenge is completed so please bring them in for us! Work will be displayed in school and celebrated!


When your teacher uploads a housekeeping letter to the website it will appear in the list below.


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Year 1 Homework
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