Year 1

The staff and pupils of Year 1 would like to welcome you to our page.  We look forward to a magnificent year with your child and you!



Supporting your child in Maths Open Morning: Tuesday 7th May (08:30-09:30)

Whole school dress in PE kit day for and athlete visit: Tuesday 3oth April

Year 1 Family bingo fundraising afternoon: Friday 10th May (1:30pm Main Hall)

Official Year 1 Phonics Check: Week beginning 10th June

Please follow the link to access Year 1 Phonics Check materials from the Government 

St. Simon

Miss Daniels (Teacher) Mrs Sliney 

Mrs Osei (Teaching Assistant)

St. James the Lesser

Miss Ryan (Teacher) (KS1 Lead)

Mrs Thompson (Teaching Assistant)


Welcome back to Terms 5 and 6!


We will be reading Hot Like Fire (and other poems) in Term 5 and The Story Tree in Term 6. We will cover:

  • Diary writing
  • Instructions writing
  • Writing using times of day and days of the week.
  • Sequencing sentences to form narratives.
  • Fantasy settings.
  • Story planning and writing.

Read, Write, Inc.

Read Write Inc. (RWI). provides a cohesive and creative approach to teaching children to read and write, following on from Reception. We will be having RWI lessons daily where your child will have lessons tailored to their needs and continuing to consolidate and enhance their phonics learning and sentence writing from Reception. We will also be using these lessons to develop our vocabulary and story comprehension skills.


    • Numbers to 50 and 100 – place value, one more and one less, addition and subtraction within 50.
    • Time – o clock and half past and money (coins and notes).
    • Multiplication and division – 2s, 5s, 10s and grouping (2 groups of 2=4) and sharing numbers (4 sweets between 2 children is 2 each).
    • Fractions – half and quarters


Religious Education

  • This term our RE topic is The Resurrection where will be learning about Easter and its time of joy and surprise.


  • Next term our RE topic is Miracles where we will be learning about Jesus and his great miracles.






Foundation subjects

  • PE will be outdoor tennis and sports day practice and indoor dance.
  • Art: We will be using different artists and designers to create fire artwork. Term 6 will be music, using our musical express scheme to explore pitch, volume and untuned instruments.
  • History: In term 5 will be The Great Fire of London.
  • Geography: in term 6 we will be extending our knowledge of the United Kingdom using daily weather patterns and linking with plants as well as human and physical features.
  • Computing: We will be learning about algorithms and programming using the iPad app ‘Scratch Junior’.


Term 5: Materials investigations

  • We will be exploring changing materials relating to the Great Fire. We will explore what a fire needs to burn and make a fire at forest school.

Term 6: Plants

  • What a plant needs to grow and survive as well as different types of common plants and trees.


Phonics Check homework: You will receive practice materials for your child to read with you at home!

Reading:  Each child will receive a reading book which must be read daily and signed each time by an adult. Reading books will be provided based on reading levels from Accelerated Reader, which tests the children based on their reading and comprehension of every story they read. Your child’s test scores will be recorded in their reading journals and a new book will be given based on test scores.

Spelling: Children will be given a spelling list every MONDAY. The pupils will have a spelling test on Fridays and incorrect spellings will be identified to parents so that further work can be done on them at home. Children will write their spellings into their own reading journals now to further promote their independence.


Number bond tests: Children will also be tested weekly on their numberbonds to 10 and 20 to check for fast mental calculation and accuracy within adding and taking away.

Dip and Do: Additional homework will be available via the school website and in our Year 1 homework books, where the children can select and complete a task from a range of different challenges. We would love to sign homework books when the challenge is completed so please bring them in for us! Work will be displayed in school and celebrated!


When your teacher uploads a housekeeping letter to the website it will appear in the list below.


Click the button to view posts that your teacher has put up about homework or look for an uploaded file in the list below.

Year 1 Homework
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