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The staff and pupils of Year 2 would like to welcome you to our page. We hope you find it useful and enjoy browsing through our year group page to find out what we are learning in school!

For those parents who would like to know more about the SATS process in Year 2, please find our meeting presentation here: KS1 SATs meeting

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We are continuing to make our literary journey through Lemony Snicket’s The Dark. We will compose an alternative ending to the story, predicting what will happen in the end of the book and creating our own characters and atmosphere for the reader. We will persuade a reader about whether the Dark is a good or evil being, creating our own ending. Will the Dark help or harm Laszlo?

We will complete our journey through this book by looking at alternative genres of writing. We will create a set of instructions from the point of view of Laszlo: How can you avoid the Dark? We will also create a postcard as a first person recount. We will give advice to a friend, using informal language, sharing with them how to cope with the darkness.



The poor Hodgeheg only wants to cross the road safely! Nobody can find a way, and Max wants to solve this problem. Throughout the term, we will explore ways to help him! We will create a Road Safety video, using technology. We will provide directions and insructions to help Max on his way. When we have solved the problem, we will then describe Max’s journey.


Throughout year 2 it is vital that your child is reading every night, reading plays an important role in all subjects especially in year 2. Alongside this, your child will also have spellings to learn weekly, these words will correspond with the year 2 common exception words which your child will be expected to be able to spell by the end of the year. We would be grateful if you could support your child at home in these areas.



This term we will be taking some time to revisit the four operations, we will be continuing to look at worded problems, this time involving division.

We will begin a new topic of measurement, we will be learning about scales via temperature and mass, we will then move onto length, understanding when to use cm and m.

After this, we will be revisiting statistics, having the opportunity to create our own tally charts, bar charts and pictograms, we will interpret them by asking and answering questions.

Term 6:


In term 6, we will be learning about position and direction, we will be order and arrange combinations of mathematical objects and patterns.

We will be using mathematical vocabulary to describe position, direction and movement including movement in a straight line and distinguish between rotation as a turn for right angles for a quarter, half and three-quarter turns.


We will be learning our 2, 5 and 10 times tables throughout the year, it is important that your child continues to learn their times tables at home. Please follow the link to our calculation policy if you feel you require any help with assisting your child’s learning at home.



Now that we have the knowledge and vocabulary to identify and classify plants, we will move on to what they need to survive and grow. We will be investigating and testing different conditions in which to grow seedlings. Will they survive without ____? How do they grow when they have/don’t have ____? We will observe and record growth and seek patterns among the plants.


With our new scientific knowledge and vocabulary, we will be revisiting this topic with more depth. We will concentrate more on the survival traits of animals in their habitats, focusing on the adaptations they have made to suit their environment. We will also focus more on the environment, looking at how they are suited to the species of animals that live within them. We will move on to them identify and name animal and plant species within various habitats.



What happened AFTER Jesus rose from the dead? What did He do NEXT? Within this topic, we will examine the impact of the Resurrection and what Jesus did afterwards. We will learn about the importance of the Apostles and how they would continue Jesus’ mission. We will also learn about the Holy Spirit: How did it come and what does it mean? The topic will be completed with the Ascension, when Jesus went back to his Father in Heaven.


Now that the apostles have been sent The Holy Spirit, we will discover how it gave them understanding and courage to spread The Good News. We will learn about The First Christians and the work that they did for God. With this in mind, we will look at the growth of the faith and how the beginning of the church came to be. We will learn about the important role of St. Peter in founding the church and doing God’s work.


Term 5: The United Kingdom

In term 5 our topic in Geography is The United Kingdom, we will be learning about the countries and capital cities of The United Kingdom.

We will also be researching the flags and emblems of the four countries, alongside this we will be using an atlas to find the countries, cities, surrounding seas and oceans within The United Kingdom and those around the world.

Term 6: Geography


In term 6 our topic in Geography we will be learning all about maps and compass directions, we will be learning about the four compass directions, North, East, South and West.  We will be drawing our own maps of the school and the surrounding area, as well as looking at aerial photographs considering the human and physical features we can see.


Tri Golf

In outdoor PE we will be beginning a new topic of Tri golf. We will learn the skills of:

– recognising holes, tees, water and sand bunkers.

– underarm throwing.

– putting techniques.

– body positioning.

– chipping a golf ball.

We will then use our newly acquired skills to play a full round of golf.


In indoor PE our topic will be dance. We will focus on:

– learning basic actions.

– improvising and copying basic movements.

– learning stage directions.

– express moods and feelings in dance.

– telling a story through dance.

– using stillness to create a middle and end to their dances.


Your child has a Dip and Do worksheet attached to their Homework Books. The links for Term 3 Homework posts is featured below.

These activities are related to the objectives being covered in class and will therefore be of benefit to your child. Please feel free to complete any of these activities and hand them in to the class teacher.


When your teachers uploads a housekeeping letter to the website it will appear in the list below.


Click the button to view posts that your teachers has put up about homework or look for an uploaded file in the list below.

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