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TERM 3: The Diary of a Killer Cat

In Term 3 we will be exploring different genres of writing using our Power of Reading book ‘The Diary of a Killer Cat’  . We will begin by learning about newspaper reports exploring the features of a newspaper report, including the use of different sentences types in our writing, having the opportunity to role-play being an interviewer. Moving on from newspaper reports we will be looking at writing in role, we will be writing our own narratives, creating a new character following a similar journey to The Killer Cat. Finally, we will be writing formal letters of complaint from the view point of The Killer Cat’s neighbours.


The Dark; we will be continuing to build the skills of narrative writing considering the grammar and punctuation features. We will begin by creating a new charactera new setting, a new journey, we will be discussing descriptive language, describing the atmosphere and thoughts and feelings of our character. We will be considering the tenses that we will need to write in, the person, and including speech with inverted commas.


Throughout year 2 it is vital that your child is reading every night, reading plays an important role in all subjects especially in year 2. Alongside this, your child will also have spellings to learn weekly, these words will correspond with the year 2 common exception words which your child will be expected to be able to spell by the end of the year. We would be grateful if you could support your child at home in these areas.



In Term 3, we will look at some new curriculum topics, as well as revisiting and extending our knowledge in other areas we have already learned about.  We will begin by learning about Telling the Time to the nearest 5 minutes.

We will then focus on Fractions, learning the meaning of a fraction and how to find a fraction of a shape and amount. After this, we will revisit addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will focus on reasoning and word problems. Moving on, we will look at Measure, Shape and Space.



We will being with term by covering Statistics, looking at bar charts and tally charts. By this time, we will be in the lead up to SATS. We will have covered all areas of the curriculum by this point. We will working on applying our knowledge further to reasoning and word problems, in preparation for our maths papers.


We will be learning our 2, 5 and 10 times tables throughout the year, it is important that your child continues to learn their times tables at home. Please follow the link to our calculation policy if you feel you require any help with assisting your child’s learning at home.


Term 3: Animals including Humans

In Science, we will be learning about Animals, including Humans. Throughout this topic, we will grow our understanding of species of animals and their offspring. We will learn about what animals need to survive, most importantly the roles of air, food and water. We will then look at what humans should do to stay healthy, focusing on exercise and a balanced diet.

Term 4: Plants

With the beginning of spring and a season of new growth, our next topic will be Plants. We will firstly learn about what plants need in order to grow, namely water, light and a suitable temperature. We will then put this new knowledge into practice by observing the growth and conditions of bulbs as they grow. We will investigate the different conditions and what happens when we remove one during fair testing.


Term 3: The Good News.

We will be learning about the importance of the time when Jesus came to Earth. We will look at how Jesus delivered The Good News about having faith in God. The way we will learn about this is through Jesus’ miracles, including Jairus’ Daughter, The Ten Lepers and Feeding the 5,000. We will look at the affects this had on people and how it changed their opinions and beliefs.


Term 4: The Mass

This topic involves us reflecting on the importance of the Mass. We will individually look at the elements of the Mass, including readings, Offertory and the Consecration. We will learn about what happens at each of these points during the Mass, why we do these things and what the meaning of each part of the Mass is.


Term 3: Local History

In term 3 our topic is local history, we will be learning about our local area and historical places and people within our locality. We will be learning about Charles Dickens, Rochester Castle, Rochester Cathedral and The Historic Dockyard. We will be visiting Rochester Castle and The Guildhall Museum to have an opportunity to engage in workshops to help us to understand the significance of their history.


Term 4: Famous People

In term 4 our topic will be famous people, we will be looking at their lives and how they have contributed to national and international achievements. i.e. Rosa Parks. We will learn about life during theirs times, their struggles and the events and achievements that make them famous today.


Tri Golf

In outdoor PE we will be beginning a new topic of Tri golf. We will learn the skills of:

– recognising holes, tees, water and sand bunkers.

– underarm throwing.

– putting techniques.

– body positioning.

– chipping a golf ball.

We will then use our newly acquired skills to play a full round of golf.


In indoor PE our topic will be dance. We will focus on:

– learning basic actions.

– improvising and copying basic movements.

– learning stage directions.

– express moods and feelings in dance.

– telling a story through dance.

– using stillness to create a middle and end to their dances.


Your child has a Dip and Do worksheet attached to their Homework Books. The links for Term 3 Homework posts is featured below.

These activities are related to the objectives being covered in class and will therefore be of benefit to your child. Please feel free to complete any of these activities and hand them in to the class teacher.


When your teachers uploads a housekeeping letter to the website it will appear in the list below.


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