Year 4

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What Year 4 are up to this term!


Term 5

In term 5, we will be exploring different genres of writing using our Power of Reading book ‘Pinocchio’ as a stimulus. We will begin by writing character descriptions, focusing on how we can describe the physical features of a character and their personalities. We will then move on to narratives, focusing on the dilemma of a story. We will using the many problems Pinocchio runs into as a stimulus for this.  We will be doing lots of drama and characterisation to be able to write in the style of our main character.

Term 6

In term 6, we will continue looking at using ‘Pinocchio’ and begin the term by looking at instructions. We will be linking this with our DT project by writing instructions on how to create our puppets. We will then look at the features of play scripts before the children try writing their own and acting them out for the class. We will then be focusing on free verse poetry, ensuring we include many descriptive devices we have learnt about, e.g. expanded noun phrases, adverbial phrases and preposition. Finally, we will be examining non-chronological reports, focusing on writing in a formal, non-fiction style including paragraphs and subheadings.

Throughout the terms, grammar, spelling, punctuation and reading will have a massive impact on your child’s learning and it will be embedded in every lesson. It would be wonderful if you could support your child at home in these areas.

Half Term Homework

Create your own Roman shields!

Using the dilemmas we wrote in class, can you complete your story to include an opening, build up, resolution and ending?

Can you photograph angles and shapes and label them?

Can you create your own puppet show?






Term 5

In term 5, we will begin exploring properties of shape.  First, we will be looking at identifying and comparing angles. Following on from this, we will apply our knowledge of angles by comparing and classifying geometric shapes, including quadrilaterals and triangles, based on their properties and sizes and angles. Finally, we will look at identifying lines of symmetry in 2-D shapes presented in different orientations and understand how to complete a simple symmetric figure with respect to a specific line of symmetry.

Term 6

In term 6, we will begin looking position and direction. We will begin by describing positions on a 2-D grid as coordinates and describe movements between positions as translations. We will then be plotting specified points and draw sides to complete different shapes. We will then move on to statistics, looking at and collecting data using different methods, including bar charts, pictograms and time graphs. We will then use this data to solve comparison, sum and difference problems.


Term 5

We will be learning about hockey and cricket this term, focusing on the different skills needed in these sports before having some tournaments with the children.

Term 6

We will be focusing on multi-skills this term to prepare ourselves and get ready for sports day!


Term 5

In term 5, we will be continuing looking at electricity and conducting experiments about how switches open and close a circuit and associate this with whether or not a lamp lights in a simple series circuit. We will also be applying our knowledge about conductors and insulators within a circuit. We will then begin looking at sound and identify how sounds are made.

In term 6, we will continue looking at the topic of sound. We will look at the association between the sound we hear and vibration. We will identify different patterns in sound and look and how sound becomes smaller across a distance. Finally, we will try to find patterns between the pitch of a sound and features of the object that produced it


Term 5

In term 5, we will be focusing on the early Christians, firstly looking at how Simon Peter was made to be the first head of the church by Jesus and starting to understand the lesson of forgiveness we can learn from this. We will then be looking at the Holy Spirit came upon the apostles and granted them the gift of language to help spread the Lords’ word.  Finally, we will look at Paul and how he was blinded and changed by the Holy Spirit. 

In term 6, we will continue looking at Paul and his influence on the Christian faith. We will be exploring the importance of the Church, looking at the Church year and liturgical year/calendar. We will begin to look at the mission of the Church and what it aims to spread throughout the world.




Term 5

In term 5, we will be looking at the Roman Empire. We will explore the effect the the Roman Empire had on Britain, including attempted invasions and the many buildings that are still in use today, including Roman Baths and roads. We will explore the religious beliefs of the Romans and the Gods and Goddesses they worshiped. Finally we will explore Hadrian’s wall exploring the features of this and its purpose for being built.


Term 6

In term 6, we will be looking at the Roman Empire in relation to our local area, we will be exploring how the Roman impacted our local environment and going out into the local area to explore this.


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Year 4 Homework


    Can you write a character description about someone who inspires you?

    Can you write your very own play-script?

    Can you write a poem about summer?


    Can you draw a picture including all of the different types of quadrilaterals you have learnt?

    Can you collect data from your friends and family about their transport to work or school? Can you input this data into a bar chart?


    Can you create an information text about the Romans?

    Can you make your own Hadrian’s Wall?


    Can you draw the event of Pentecost?

    Can you create your own Liturgical calendar?


    Create a play script in french based on all the language you have learnt so far!


    Can you create a pictogram of the different electrical items in your home?

    Can you create a poster about how sound reaches the ear?


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