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What Year 4 are up to this term!


Term 3

In term 3, we will be exploring different genres of writing using our Power of Reading book ‘Oliver and the Seawigs’ as a stimulus. We will begin by writing newspaper reports, focusing on the features of a newspaper report and adapting our style of writing to suit this. We will then move on to autobiographies, focusing on the main character from ‘Oliver and the Seawigs’. We will be doing lots of drama and characterisation to be able to write in the style of our main character, making sure to include all of the features of an autobiography. Finally, we will be looking at diary entries, focusing on a character’s perspective from Charlotte’s Web. In order to achieve this we will be looking at balanced arguments. We will begin by examining these to understand their purpose and what we would use them for. We will use our Power of Reading book as a stimulus, coming up with for and against arguments to include in our writing.

Term 4

In term 4, we will continue looking at using ‘Oliver and the Seawigs’ and begin the term by looking at monologues. We will begin looking at what a monologue is and utilise our skills of characterisation to immerse ourselves in this style of writing. We will then be focusing on character description, ensuring we include many descriptive devices we have learnt about, e.g. expanded noun phrases, adverbial phrases and preposition. Finally, we will be examining biographies and thinking about the differences between these and autobiographies. Upon understanding these differences, we will focus on another character from our Power of Reading book and write a biography about them.

Throughout the terms, grammar, spelling, punctuation and reading will have a massive impact on your child’s learning and it will be embedded in every lesson. It would be wonderful if you could support your child at home in these areas.



Term 3

In term 3, we will begin exploring fractions and decimals. First, we will be working on adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator. We will then be exploring the relationship between fractions and decimals, including tenths, hundredths, quarters and halves for the children to become confident in converting between the two. We will continue exploring place value and looking at the effects of dividing two-digit numbers by 10 and 100. Finally, we will be applying our rounding skills in order to round numbers with one-decimal place.

Term 4

In term 4, we will begin looking at measurement. We will begin by examining different units of measure, how they are compare and what they are used for. The children will become confident in converting between different units of measure. We will begin to calculate area and perimeter of different shapes, including triangles. Finally, we will be looking at estimating, comparing and calculating different measures.


Term 3

We will be focusing on multi-skills, which involves a variety of skills needed for children to access different sports (movement, catching, throwing, kicking, serving).

Term 4

We will be focusing on badminton, focusing on the skills of serving and returning to increase rallying skills.


Term 3

In term 3, we will be looking at states of matter, beginning by exploring the properties of solids, liquids and gases. We will be observing how materials change state and what might cause them to do so. We will further our knowledge on reversible and irreversible changes of state through different experiments.

Term 4

In term 4, we will be looking at the topic of sound. We will be identifying how sound is made and look at the association between the sound we hear and vibration. We will identify different patterns in sound and look and how sound becomes smaller across a distance.


Term 3

In term 3, we will focusing on the topic of Jesus, the teacher. We will begin by looking at when Jesus was 42 days old and his presentation in the Temple to our Lord and discussing the significance of this event. We will then be examining Judaism in order to help us understand about when Jesus was lost and found in the Temple, teaching others about God’s word. We will then be looking at how Jesus called his followers and understand how we can recognise our calling from God to also follow him.

Term 4

In term 4, we will focusing on the topic of Jesus, the saviour. We will focusing on Holy Week and all the events that took place during this time, in order to help our understanding of why Easter is such an important time of year. We will begin by looking at what happened on Holy Thursday, before focusing on the events of Good Friday and finally looking at Jesus’s cross and resurrection.




Term 3

In term 3, we will be looking at the topic of water. We will be doing a number of experiments involving how to create our own water cycle and how to create clouds and rain in order to aid our understanding of condensation and evaporation. We will then be looking at how water is filtrated and creating our own water filtration system. Finally, we will be looking at the possible issues regarding water, including flooding and pollution.


Term 4

In term 4, we will be looking at the ancient Mayan civilisation. We will be exploring various aspects of their culture. We will focus on their beliefs, their number system, their food and sampling some of this.


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Year 4 Homework


    Can you write a newspaper report about an important event that has happened to you?

    Can you write an autobiography or biography about yourself?

    Can you write a character description about someone who inspires you?


    Research the different units of measure. In order to bake a cake, how many different units of measure do you need?

    Can you create a poster about equivalent fractions and decimals?


    Find out how much water you use at home. What is it used for? How much does it cost?

    Can you create your own water cycle experiment?


    Can you create a comic strip recreating the story of Jesus becoming lost in the Temple?


    Create a play script in french based on all the language you have learnt so far!


    Can you create a poster about the different states of matter? How can a liquid change from a solid, to a gas?


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