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Welcome to Year 5! We have many interesting things planned for the next few months.

As always in year 5 we will be looking forward to approaching our challenges with resilience and enjoyment and we are excited to discover all of the amazing things that lie ahead!


In English we will be focusing on the novel ‘Clockwork’ by Phillip Pullman. This is a chilling tale of mechanical beings which has human warmth at its heart. When Fritz begins his story in the tavern on the night when Karl finishes his clcokmaker’s apprenticeships, the boundaries between fiction and reality begin to blur. An interesting feature of this novel is the author’s asides to the reader at a number of point. The black and white illustrations complement the text well.

Pupils will get the chance to consolidate their writing skills through the following genres of writing:
Explanation text-pupils will research and write an explanation text about clocks
Diary-pupils will put themselves into role of The Great Clock of Glockenheim and write a day from its point of view
Persuasive letter-pupils will write persuasive letters to Baron, convincing him to give up his life to save the young prince


Term 5:
In History we will be learning about The Anglo Saxons, we will start our topic by having an Anglo Saxon day, in which we will be making a cheese spread, looking at Runes (Anglo Saxon alphabet) and The Bayeux Tapestry. Through out topic  we will be learning about
-Anglo Saxon settlement in Britain
-How the Anglo Saxon’s lived and compare them to our lives now
-Hierarchy and runes
-How to understand archaeological findings
-The fall of the Anglo Saxon Empire


In Maths we will looking at measures, how to convert between different measures of units, ie millimeters, centimeters, meters, kilometers along with kilograms and grams. We will also be looking angles, being able to identify them in the outdoor environment, being able to measure them and finally how to draw them. We will move onto shapes and then onto reflection, translation and rotation of shapes.
Towards the end of term 6, we will be re-capping calculation skill so that they are solid and ready to go for year 6!
Times table will continue to a focus us, with tables tests every Friday. Once times table knowledge is secure, pupils will move onto the inverse and be tested on these along with times tables, every Friday. Please ensure that pupils are practising theses nightly-they are now able to access Timetables Rckstars at home to help them.


Term 4: Life in The Risen Jesus
In Religion pupils will reflect on what the resurrection means for us, and the importance of it. Pupils will also look at different ways of praying and will understand why prayer is important in our lives. We will finish the topic by learning about the mysteries of the Rosary
Term 6: Other Faiths
Through the term pupils reflect on the teachings of the Church and our beliefs, of our Catholic Faith. Pupils will also learn about the Jewish and Islamic faiths



Term 5: Living Things and Their Habitats (reproduction). Pupils will be learning about reproduction in plants and animals. Pupils will learn the parts of the flower, by disecting them, as well as how they reproduce in different ways. They will link this to animal reproduction later in the term.
Term 6: The Solar System. Pupils will learn about our solar system, the order of the planets, phases of the moon, rotation of the planets and characteristics of the planets.


Term T5 and T6 Dip an Do’s
-Make you own replica of The Great Clock of Glockenheim
-Design your own Bayeux Tapestry, illustrating an important event in your life
-Create your own game using Scratch-remember you can access Scratch at home online
-Create a piece of art work using different angles
-Create a leaflet on water safety, using what you have learnt in swimming. You could include the different strokes that you have learnt as well
-Create a presentation on the different mysteries of the Rosary, you could even make your own Rosary!
*HALF TERM HOMEWORK– your child will be coming home with a reading test as well as an arithmetic test, please ensure that they complete these as they are in the style of the SATs, which they will be sitting in year 6. For the reading please allow 1 hour, ideally they should spend 20 minutes on each text. The arithmetic test is a 30 minute test. These are due back on Thursday 6th June, 2019. Please also encourage your child to look at the dip and do homework*

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